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I got a new PC, its all nice and stuff, I love the phenom quad core, its like 200% improvement from my old celeron processor. But the problem is the PC comes with an integrated gfx card (HD 3200) and the PCI HD 3650.

Im wondering, should I disable the HD3200 in device manager? I heard that the PC can still use it and use both of them when gaming for good results.

Another problem is I cant install the new drivers for my HD 3650. Whenever I download the drivers, I install em and view the log, it shows that this:
[cpp]Catalyst® Install Manager
Installation Report
08/11/08 00:26:58

Hardware information
Name ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc
Device ID 0x9610
Vendor ID 0x1002
Class Code 0x030000
Revision ID 0x00
Subsystem ID 0x014e
Subsystem vendor ID 0x1025
Other hardware
Nothing about HD3650[/cpp]

So Im kind of confused, did it update the driver or no? It shows the driver version is 8.7. When I check device manager it shows:

How do I update it?
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  1. Then when I checked the dxdiag tool, it showed driver version as 7.15

    Wats a sure way to check if its the newest?

    EDIT: GPU-Z shows driver version as 7.14
  2. Follow the install directions on the download page. It never hurts to read past the download link.
  3. You might have helped. I clicked a few of those links:

    The Catalyst™ software suite 8.7 contains the following:

    * Radeon™ display driver 8.512
    * Multimedia Center™ 9.16 (Windows XP only)
    * HydraVision™ for both Windows XP and Vista
    * HydraVision™ Basic Edition (Windows XP only)
    * Remote Wonder 3.04 (Windows XP only)
    * WDM Driver Install Bundle
    * Southbridge/IXP Driver
    * Catalyst™ Control Center Version 8.7

    Then checking device manager:
    Device Version 8.512.0.0

    Shows for both the integrated card and pci.

    Then in the installation, i clicked custom installation instead and click each of the things it said that thing is already installed.

    Think its done?
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