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Okay I am sort of on a budget an dI was wondering if I get a bigger bang for the buck with this product

instead of this one
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  1. the 8800gt will give you more bang for buck if you are just choosing between those two cards. but have you looked at the 4xxx series ATi cards? if you are on a budget, and want bang for buck, then the 4850 would be better than both the 8800gt and 9800gx2. if you don't believe me check out tom's hardware or anandtech reviews of the 4850:,1957.html
    The 4850 beats the 8800gt by quite a bit in benchies and only costs a little more

    if it was me, i'd go for a 4850 like this:

    if you are happy to step un into the 250+ range then a 9800gx2 or a 4870 would be a good buy.
  2. hy i didn't want to start a new tread just because of me :P

    i want your opinions on buying a video card

    currently i have a 2600pro sonic at 825/1600

    i wanna upgrade my video and cant decide whats best

    so my options are
    palit 8600gt 256mb ddr3 for 63$
    his iceq 2600xt 512mb ddr3 for 84$
    his 3650 256mb ddr3 for 74$

    palit 3850 256mb ddr3 1,66ghz memory for 130$
    his 3850 512mb ddr3 1,4ghz memory for 145$
    or His iceQ turboX 3850 with 1,96ghz memory for 164$

    which one ??? pls give a tip cause i can't decide ThanX
  3. None of those. Go with the one posted above:

    Just slightly more expensive than the 3850's you posted.

    If for some reason those are your only options, go for the 3850 His IceQ, it has a better cooler. Don't get the 256mb card.
  4. shawnhath, if you are looking for the best bang for the buck, the buck stops at a 4850 for $150.
    For the $15 premium, it will be way more powerful than the 8800GT.

    The 9800GX2 you linked is also a decent choice.
    It will give you about 30% more performance in SLI optimised games but costs nearly twice as much.

    buster89, if those are the only choices you have...
    Get the 3850 IceQ.
    The 3850 is still a decent mid range card and the upgraded cooler will allow you to get some good overclocks out of it.
    Not sure what all you can get in Romania but you should try and find a 8800GT/GTS 512 or a 4850.
  5. these are the only options , and i'm kind of limited when it comes to the buget :P
    why do you think i have a 2600pro in the first place!! :D
    thanX for the reply's
  6. buster89, i'm also from Romania and there are better options. for the same price you can get a 9600GT, or for about $175 a 9800GT (but you'd have to wait a little until it's in stock) The 8800GT is $200 at the moment, but it should also drop when the 9800GT becomes available. Since they're basically the same card, go for either one of them. The GTS 512 is $235, the same as a 4850 (which is of course better).
  7. I play assassins creed alot so would a 4850 give frame rates that are 50+ on max settings?

    If not I guess I would go for the 9800gx2
  8. is a 4870 better than a 9800gx2?
  9. Shawnhath said:
    is a 4870 better than a 9800gx2?

    In Assassins Creed, it is close but not quite the equal.
    Depending on the resolution you run it at it should keep you chuging along with 50+ FPS, though.
    From Anandtech's 4850/4870 review...

    You can see that even the 4850 does a good job here.
    Either of the 48x0 cards will give you better AA framerates if you are playing V1.0 with DX10.1 still intact.
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