Haf 932 case fans enough?

If I oc a i7 920 to 4ghz with a prolimatech Meg. Will I get decent temps with a haf 932 case fans or should I add some scythe fans to the cooler
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    Hi, haf 932 case fans are decent, they have a lot of cfm but not enough pressure. you will be better of with scythe or delta fans. There is a guy here with haf 932 plus 10 fans. I also have a haf 932 but its watercooled.
  2. Alright ill look into some fans for it
  3. looking at Noctua NF-S12-1200 and Scythe S-FLEX™ SFF21G which one would perform better? or are there any better ones than there?
  4. i would go with scythe. Not to mention they are cheaper.. lol
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