4850/4870 owners - what .Net Framework version/s do you have?

4850/4870 owners - what .Net Framework version/s do you have?

I'm currently experiencing sudden crashes and restarts when catalyst 8.7 drivers are installed, and Windows event log suggests it is to do with a device driver. My inital thoughts were that it may be due to .net framework, so I tried updating it from version 2.0 to 2.0 SP1. The install failed and I currently can't update to anything past 2.0 (Issue here: http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2008/04/21/8415771.aspx). Unfortunately I've tried all methods of fixing the problem, but found no solution as of yet. Its looking like a reformat might be in order.

So my main question is - has anyone else experienced similar problems? If so or if not - what .Net Framework version/s do you have?

The only reason I suspected .net framework might be an issue was because of the requirement for .net framework 2.0 in the Catalyst Control Center. However, having spoken to a microsoft developer about my problems regarding net framework installs, it seems unlikely that there is a conflict between .net framework and the cat 8.7 driver.

MS developer for .Net Framework:

"Though I wouldn’t make such a choice, I could see the driver manufacturers using .NET for the graphics control panel but – at this point in software development – anyone would be crazy to implement a driver using managed code. That can require an additional 20MB working set of memory – minimum – just to load the CLR. If you’re having graphics problems, blue screens, or just odd shut-downs it’s likely the driver (the control panel should be able to merely crash at a minimum, though it could marshal bad data to the drive and cause it to panic)."

The crashes etc don't seem to be related to any specific game/application. Could it be a heat or power issue?
- I've set the fan at 40% using the xml edit, so it idles about 47 degrees C.
- I've done a memtest for a few hours, no problems.
- Run ETQW (thought this would be issue) on max settings (+ lots of other apps) for a few hours, no problems. But when simply browsing the internet or checking email it can crash...?

If anyone has any ideas please help! I'm out of ideas and the restarts can make my PC pretty unusable at times.

My system:

- Intel E8400 @ stock
- Asus P5Q
- 4GB Corsair PC26400
- Powercolor HD 4850
- Asus Xonar DX Soundcard
- Antec Truepower2 550 Watt PSU

Many thanks

EDIT: Oops! Should have said using windows XP
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  1. Which operating system (XP or Vista)? Have you tried earlier drivers?

    EDIT: And yes, only the CCC is .NET, not the driver.
  2. Sorry yes I'm using XP.

    I've not tried earlier drivers but will do soon.
  3. I am having exactly the same problem! But I am on Vista.

    I have:
    ASUS P5Q-E
    Gigabyte 4870 Catalyst 8.7 with the .xml fan fix
    2 GB DDR2-800 Kingston RAM
    750W HEC Zephyr PSU

    Everything is at stock.

    But the thing is, I didn't install any .net framework.

    I don't get crashed while running games or Prime95. Just when I am doing general things like browsing on Firefox or watching a movie. It also happens when I pause a game I am playing.

    The system freezes and I get a loud noise from my speakers.

    I made a topic about it here: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/237558-44-vista-crashing-random
  4. Update:

    This problem I am having has no relation to the 4870. I uninstalled the driver and the card and replaced it with a GeForce 8800GT that I have in my other PC. I ran Driver Sweeper before doing so.

    The problem persists...

    I went and uninstalled almost everything, and the same thing happens.

    I even replaced the E8400 with a similar one in the other PC and the same problem is there.

    I noticed that when the system hangs or crashes, there is no power to the USB drives. Your mouse and flash drives will have their LEDs switched off.

    Do you have the same problem? I am returning the motherboard tomorrow.
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