Corsair TX or OCZ/P&C Silencer

OK, so i have everything just about sorted (hoping the dollar will fall to the 2 to the £1 mark again, get me some bargains, but anyway) i just wanted peoples oppinion on the PSU's. I have it narrowed to a Corsair TX 750W or a OCZ/PCP&C Quad Silencer 750W (although it is in a nast red)

Both are 750W, both have a single 12v rail, both have a single rear fan, and both around the same price with a 5year warrenty. But the TX is SLi certified, and the Silencer is crossfire ceritified.

Does anyone have a preference, or now how these perform head to head? any major problems with either of them?

Cooling not that big of an issue as it'll be going into a NZXT tempest case.
System is
P5E mobo,
either E8400 or q6600 (depending if i can find a Q6600 for sub £100+VAT again)
2x2Gb OCZ Reaper CL4
HD 4870 (probably the Powercolor PCS+)
500GB seagate 7200.11

Thanks for any input.
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  1. I bought the Corsair TX750. And so far i can only say wonders. Probably one of the best PSUs i ever acquired.
    Just be sure you are good in cable management, Corsair provides the little plastic thingies.

    The Cables are HUGE !!!!!!! And loads of them.
  2. I got the TX750W, tons of huge cables, I had to stuff mine in 3 5.25" drive bays I had empty. Easily powers everything I need. One small detail you missed, the fan is on the bottom, not the back.
  3. Both are excellent psu's. Both have a 12V+, 60A rail. That's what really matters, not the certifications of sli or crossfire. The Corsair has a 140mm bottom fan, this pc&c has a 80mm rear fan. Although I think pc&c is a slightly better brand, I've read that this particular psu can get loud under load due to the single 80mm fan. So, I would get the Corsair TX750 between these two.
  4. I have a PC P&C Silencer 750W. With an overclocked 8800GTX/overclocked Q6600/5 hard disks it doesn't make any noise. Reviews show it making noise you can actually hear at loads around 80% or more, but I never managed to push it that far.

    I think the Silencer's layout is better, with the hot air pushed directly out the back rather than up or down. However, with the NZXT Tempest it doesn't matter, that case has great cooling.

    The Silencer also has long cables. I use it with a Silverstone TJ-09, one of the biggest cases around.

    All things considered, I'd say get whichever of these two PSUs you can find cheaper. Normally that's the 750TX, in North America, but you might find a sale. Both are excellent.
  5. Tx750 is comfortingly heavy :D (it does all the stuff its supposed to extremely well in addition :P)
  6. spuddyt said:
    Tx750 is comfortingly heavy :D

    Indeed. If mine ever breaks, ill use a catapult or use as a throwing weapon. Should do plenty of damage.
  7. bought the tx650 and i must say the bag it comes wrapped in is almost as nice as the one my wd raptor 150GB came in....almost. but if that doesn't sweeten the deal on behalf of corsair you should also know that it comes with zip ties too!!
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