Could this be a PSU problem?

I have started to have problems with my computer where the keyboard and mouse would not work once windows started. I tried different keyboards and mice but same thing. So I decided to reinstall windows over a fresh format and still doing it. I was also getting a problem where when I would press the power button noting would happen but that was only intermittently. Next I replaced the mother board EVGA 680i SLI A1. Key board is still not working some times but now the big problem is that the computer will not turn on when the power button is pressed.

BUT, here is the strange part. I press the button and if I listen closely I can hear these little clicks from inside when the side panel is off the case. After a few of these clicks the computer turns on usually takes 10-20 seconds. I thought that maybe it was the power button on my case so I tried the power button on the board.... does the same thing. So this got me to thinking.... Could this be a power supply problem?
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  1. What kind of KB/Mouse? (USB or PS/2?)

    Does the same thing happen if you go into safe mode?
  2. I began reading your post and thought probably has the 680i. LOL. I didn't get far and there it was, 680i. Get a new MB and your problem be solved.
  3. I have tried both USB and PS/2.. but now the least of my problem is the keyboard and mouse it is the fact that it does not want to start with out a 10-20 second delay. I have been using this computer fine for over 2 years and just in the past few weeks have I started to have problems.
  4. What PSU are you running and what are your full system specs?
  5. Almost have the same problem here USB mouse ps/2 keyboard windows doesn want to detect my mouse on startup. Each time I start my windows I have to unplug my mouse and plug it back in which is kinda annoying because I use the back usb port for my mouse. Any ideas
  6. Specs are: Q6600, EVGA 680i SLI A1, EVGA 9800GTX, Corsair Dominator 2 gig, FSP 700w PSU, Creative XFi, CM 630 case, 3x rapters in raid 0
  7. Have you tried the latest NForce drivers for the chipset?

    NV - Drivers
  8. Yep all latest drivers and windows updates
  9. badge said:
    OUCH! :lol: I bookmarked the link, thanks. Let's see how many people we can save from the flaky chipsets.
  10. I would try Grimmy's suggestion definately. Also, be sure to install the latest BIOS, perhaps there is a fix (believes in guardian angels yet to be conceived). I wish I could provide a more technical description as to what your 680i is doing to cause the problems you are having, but for simplicity's sake I'll just call it a fupped duck product you are dealing with. I was Googling the 680i and found a long list of 'problems' similiar to what you are having. This guy 'Vertigo' most definately has the fix:
  11. Well let me ask this... What board should I get? I don't do SLI but I do want rock solid overclocking utilities in the bios.
  12. Perhaps turning off the USB legacy support might help?

    Remember reading that it helped on some MB's, but not sure. When the legacy support is disabled, then you won't be able to use a USB KB in the bios, or in DOS basically.

    Other then that, you could try another PSU perhaps, to see if that changes things.. or just bite the bullet and upgrade to Nehlem platform. Unless that petitions can work out something for ya. [:kentuckyranger:3]
  13. cdl1701 said:
    Well let me ask this... What board should I get? I don't do SLI but I do want rock solid overclocking utilities in the bios.

    Get a asus p5q pro and you will be satisfied :)
  14. Asus or Gigabyte P45.
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