Chossing sound card for z5500

Im buying z5500 next month, and i wanted to chose a sound card.
I tought about two options

I know the creative is more expensive, but i wanted to know if its much better than the m-audio and if its worth the money.
or in other words, if the z5500 will use the options that the Creative one gives.
btw you can suggest other sound cards.
using the z5500 for games, HD, and music (in that order).
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  1. Have a look at Asus Zonar. All the reviews on it were positive
  2. uh?
    i didnt understand what do u mean?
    reviews on which card?
  3. 'Zonar' is a soundcard that is made by 'Asus'. They are suppose to be very good . You should be able to find it on newegg
  4. ohh!
    I tought its web site for some reason Oo
    He`s better than the creative?
    btw u mean to this card right:
  5. nah, i want high quailty sound.
    btwther is any diffrence between those carrds:
    whice one is better?
  6. I say I with the creative I have always had good luck/sound quality from them
  7. i cant afford home theater set =\
    plus ht speaker are to big for my room.

    Get this. You don't have to pay an extra $60 for the "fatality" sticker.
  9. Grr all these people buying soundcards for their z5500s, there really is minimal point unless you MUST have EAX. The z5500s really aren't good enough to warrant using a decent soundcard.
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