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Hi all,
First time , just joined but Googling problems often brings me to this forum so thought i should join. Haven't had time to fill in my profile yet in a hurry to fix this. To the point. I have Foxconn P4M800P7MA-RS2 motherboard which often shuts down. It has a pentium4 dual core, 512mb ram, Nividia FX 128 and a brrand new Xsonic 550 watt PSU. It is currently running PCLinux 2007 but i have also had Win XP on it many times. It also has one of the most complicated bios setups i have ever seen !!! Phoenix Award V-6.00PG. The problem is it will suddenly go into SHUTDOWN MODE. It does not just die on me , it actually puts the computer into shutdown mode !! Windows or Linux. Extremely annoying as i want to use it as a display in a shop for PCLinux but not if it keeps going like this. Runs faultlessly otherwise. Downloaded a user manual,pd, like so many explains next to nothing. All capacitors look good, according to bios hardware info cpu running at about 36 celciuos. Has a thing in the bios called "CPU" .When you get in there it has "Thermal mode, delay till thermal " . That can be set between 16 or 5 minutes. I have no idea what it actually is or how to use it. Can be enabled or dissabled. Thought dissabling APIC might help but then it wont shutt off completely. In Linux it goes through the usual unmounting everything then i have to hold the power button in to shut it off if i dissable APIC. USED TO DO THE SAME IN WINDOWS. If anybody has any idears or really knows these old boards i would greatly appreciate the help. 12 years on computers and have never seen it before. NOT actually put itself into shutdown. Die suddenly, yes all the time but not this. Will sometimes run for 5-6 hours . Other times only 1 hour. Really look forward to hearing from ya people and will fill in my profile later. I am an Asus man myself but need to try to sort this. Thanks heaps, Woolyone.
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  1. I had a 3 year old Intel motherboard, D865PERL, (3 months past the 3 year warranty period) that had similar symptoms. Turns out, it had bad caps. Sent it in to and had it repaired (2 bad caps).


    I am not suggesting that this is necessarily the problem since your BIOS is different and more complicated than the D865PERL which introduces a different set of variables.

    Just a thought...
  2. Thanks Heaps Ejay for you reply and suggestion. I am actually writting on the thing now. Has been times in the past working away on XP, suddenly it starts going into shutdown mode !!!! I suppose it is possible to have a falty cap without it actually being popped but have never struck it. Cricky, never can tell. Had a board with badly popped caps, worked perfectly for 2 years. Eventually gave the old girl to a niece as the computers were stockpiling!! I am a pensioner and am trying to make a bit of money. Put PCLinux on display in this blokes shop (lot of people first think its Mac) and if they want it inatalled or a comp built using PCLinux i might make a few extra dollars that way. Work at home You could just imagine someone looking at it , the guy telling the customer about the operating system then it decides "ive had a gut full for today, think i will shutdown". Not a good look!!! Nice to meet ya mate. Thanks again.


    Cheers Woolyone.
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