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I have windows xp service 3 proffesional. My pc infected with virus my eset av detects but cant remove. Used many antivirus and removal tool but failed to completly disinfect my pc. So i wanted to reinstall O.S.only possible way. My friend proffesional and came up with xp sp2 cd . Booted up with bios goes to xp setup then giving message ''the file aq0dwejl.sys could not be any key to continue'' pressing a key set up failed. My friend said cd corrupted.tried new cd still same. What to do know that aqo o contain a dot.i search that file in net but it didnt have any result.i noticed without any cd same .sys error. Help me u guys. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Go to the BIOS and turn off AHCPI mode, that sometimes causes read issues such as one you are seeing.

    Also do a disk scan to make sure your drive is OK, an error on the drive can also cause an error like this.
  2. i didn't know the bios thing my friend knows. Iwill check it.i scan the hard drive with av it find many threats but cant remove . Should i buy new hard drive and install O.S?.YOU GUYS ARE GREAT REPLYING SO FAST.THANKS.
  3. You don't need to buy a new hard drive.

    Before you change any settings, run through the malware guide in my signature. That should remove any infection.
  4. thanks for malware guide but i cant do anything as i said earlier i ran several virus removal tool. result only detected.not removed.i used disk doctor tool.chkdsk . Succesfully.what is the exact problem of that .sys massage . I knew virus . But what to do. You guys are only help
  5. There are ways to remove malware that are more effective than others. Disk doctor is a waste. Chkdsk isn't even for removing malware.

    Follow the guide step by step, and it will help clean your computer.
  6. i used your guide before malwarebytes are not installing now. No other av detects anything but still there qoyx.exe in hard drive,d drive there is unknown msdos shortcut and e drive there is jywrq.exe both these respawing after deleting thousand way now my net connection giving bps speed. After removal done by superantispyware impossible to connect any site.tried winsockxpfix,lspfix.but no use. I uninstalled s.a.s.all i doing with my mobile urgent.thanks
  7. all both tools required expert technical presence. Which i am not. Help otherwise i am stuck problem with net connection.also all setup.exe of file in my pc giving error message that it is damage or incompitable with this version please obtain a new copy of program.why all setup files showing same massage?
  8. It's pretty simple to run combofix. All you have to do, is click on the bleepingcomputer link, for the download. You'll install it, and then run it. That's all there is to it. The AVG boot disc requires a little more work. If you're not comfortable doing either, then you might want to take it to a shop to have them clean it.
  9. thanks for your support.but i think rather buy a new hard drive than going to a shop if bios thing not work. partion of new harddrive with new xp install will it solve my problem ??
  10. Ya, that would solve it. But that's a pretty extreme way to take care of an infection.
  11. thanks for help mr aford10.but now my problem is all setup.exe files in my pc giving same error massage that it is corrupt or incompitiable with these version please obtain new copy of
  12. I told you already, you should run through the malware guide in my signature.

    If the .exe's in safe mode are being blocked, create the AVG boot disc that is mentioned in the malware guide.
  13. as i say i cant use my net.only using mobile i cant download the tool. i will constant touch with you iam not expert and my friend available from 17th till then i am any help you got.thanks.
  14. You can create the boot disc from any computer. Do you have access to any other computer?
  15. no.only my pc.but thanks for suggetion.
  16. At this point, you don't have many options. You can slave your hard drive into another computer. You can create the AVG boot disc from another computer. You can download Malwarebytes and combofix installers from another PC onto a flash drive/CD/Floppy, and transfer them to your PC. Other than that, you don't have many options.
  17. thanks.i can download both tools and maybe can install it. but cant upload log report here.thats all
  18. It's not necessary to upload a log file from either of those programs. The log file that most people upload here, is from Hijackthis. The two programs that I mentioned above will actually remove the infections.
  19. Hello , i installed your both tools Mbam and combofix. I ran mbam but cant update it cause no net connection.also in normal mode not safe mode.last updated 1st december 2010.ran a full system scan found several malware packer gen infected .exe files also found infected system volume information restore.after removal done both two xyoc.exe and jywr.exe files returned in same place after sometime.
    After that i ran combofix it stated that i had to diseable cd emulation soft after pc rebooted before opening explorer combofix ran after runing sometime it gives messeage that it with current date combofix expired do you want to use it with reduced function when i click yes windows back in normal and combfix from desktop gone. Tell me what to do ?
  20. Boot into safe mode and run the scans. There is much less of a chance of the malware being active there.

    Combofix will often say that a program needs to close before running. Just tell it ok, and to continue running.
  21. do a low level format but it is very risky so do it at your own risk!!!!!
  22. ash256 said:
    do a low level format but it is very risky so do it at your own risk!!!!!

    Telling someone to format their drive, and wipe out all their data, before they've even made other attempts to solve the problem is reckless and bad advice.
  23. thanks for helping me. But problem is when i want to go in safe mode by pressing f8. By choosing safe mode option it gives list of partition sys files and reboot in normal mode.what i am doing wrong.
  24. Are you sure it's restarting into normal windows after it loads the services? Safe mode will look similar to normal windows, but you should get a pop up box notifying you that you're in safe mode.
  25. aford10 said:
    Telling someone to format their drive, and wipe out all their data, before they've even made other attempts to solve the problem is reckless and bad advice.

    thanks 4 telling me man.cuz i did not know and im new to forums..fanks 4 ze advice
  26. yes i am sure cause i done a week before
  27. Try to boot into safe mode with command prompt. Can you get to the prompt (DOS box with blinking cursor)?
  28. i chose all 4 option safemode , safemode with networking,safemode with command prompt. All results same.i can't do risky thing like in msconfig choosing safeboot option.
  29. You'll need to do a windows repair. It's a pretty simple process. Just put your XP disc in the drive, and follow this guide.
  30. thanks for reffering,but i don't have the xp cd at this moment.
  31. If you don't have an XP disc, then you certainly can't just install a new hard drive. You wouldn't have anything to install windows with. If you know someone who will let you borrow their XP disc, that would work too. If not, you're running out of options.
  32. you are right , my friend has xp disc but he is busy he is available after next week.till then i am out of option.
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