DRAM settings on ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

OK here is the question if I set the Multiplier to 20*200 and Dram Frequency to 1603 I cannot get it to work I have the Dram voltage at 1.65
CPU Voltage at 1.250 QPI at 1.250 The setting work fine for 1203 MHZ My Memory is super talent 12800 DDR 3 part number W1600UB2G7
I am currently running at 3.8 and Memory at 1523 MHz timings 8 8 8 24

Now I can get it run at 1603 or higher if I set DRAM Voltage to AUTO
I was told not to run the the DRAM Voltage at AUTO on another board by one person, as it could damage my CPU
I would like further confirmation on this
Any and all help is always appreciated by this old retired Master Sgt USAF
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  1. "Auto" may set the memory at a voltage higher than 1.65v, which is the maximum acceptable. CPU damage may occur if you use a voltage higher than 1.65v.
  2. That is not true as long as you have your Dram Voltage within .5 of of the CPU/QPI Voltage. I have my CPU and QPI at 1.26250 and my Dram at 1.7 which is within the .5 range as 1.26250 plus .5 equals 1.76250. This can be proven on a ASUS P6T Deluxe Board and Look at the setting for XMP Xtreme Memory Profile, it will show a DRAM of 1.9 if you boot into windows you will see the voltage is 1.4 plus on CPU Z You will see the same thing in DOCP Dram Over Clock Profile
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