Dual Monitor Setup

Guys, before i setup my build, I have a few questions about the dual monitors:

1. Is there anything in particular i need to do when loading/after loading vista64? (btw will be running off a HD4870)
2. When i play a game, it will only appear in one screen right? or do i need to tweak a ffew things before i start gaming?

Cheers lads!
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  1. You can Clone, and then youll have cloned images.
    You can extend, and watch TV/Movies while Afking in Alterac Valley, pressing space.
    You can use Ultramon and have fun.
    You can use Linux and plug another KB&Mouse and have 2 terminals.

    Just pick Monitors with the same resolutions. If they differ too much, sometimes things fack up.
  2. i know there is a way to span a game across both but its going to be on just one by default which poses a problem...

    When i had 2 monitors i changed the setting to 'run in window' w\ cs:source and that way i could just hit esc and mouse over to my other screen to be doing whatever.

    If you're gaming in a full screen setup you have to close the game, or minimize it to do anything.
  3. 1) Nope. The drivers should take care of everything.

    2) By default, the game will run full screen on your primary monitor (the one with the start menu and taskbar). Some games do support multi monitor though (like FSX), and you can do certain tweaks to make more use of both monitors. Alternatively (this is what I like to do), you can put temperature and usage monitors on your secondary monitor, so at any time you can see how much your CPU/GPU is being used (see what the limiting factor is), and how warm they are getting.
  4. Cool, how do i do that cjl?
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