Question about wireless network file transfer speed!!

My wireless receiver has a nominal speed of 108 Mbps (13,5 MBps), though, I can only transfer files to the others pcs at home at 1 MBps, even if both pcs are very near each other! (I tested it with my desktop pc and my brother's notebook)

Do somebody know why does it happen and if there's a way to increase the transfer speed?
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  2. What the hell is wireless n??
  3. it's the next generation of wireless speed and range,i have my home network running n right now
  4. can you tell me the speed of file transfer through your network?
  5. 270 mbps at the low end
  6. wow!! thats good! :P
  7. I use a dlink 855 extreme n router with 2 dwa 160 adapters ,one on my labtop,one on my other desktop...never less than 270 on all 3
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