Any final thoughts before i order?

So it's time to order. If you see any fatal mistakes plz tell me.

Antec Nine Hundred
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450
(8gb) 2x OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800
Raptor 75GB
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 750GB
OCZ OCZTVEND2 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler

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  1. Thats a lot of RAM, if this is a gaming rig you might consider getting 4GB, which will likely overclock better than 8GB. It is tough to use that much RAM at the moment, but it might be alright if you plan on keeping this computer for a long time. Also you might get slightly better performance by getting some higher quality thermal paste than what comes with the cooler.

    It also looks like you don't care much about the value of the parts, you just want top of the line performance. Most of the stuff you have listed there is much more expensive than alternatives with only a slight to moderate gain in performance. If you get the mid-range stuff it costs a lot less, only slightly lower performance, and you won't feel so bad when the next generation hardware comes out and looks so much better.
  2. Thx for the fast reply.
    what you say is true noname, however i plan to have this comp for up to 4 years while i'm in school so i prefer to buy a good rig now instead of small upgrades every year. (maby il get a second GPU in a year or so) I know it's an expensive comp, but now i got the mony, maby next year i dont.

    I guess i could get the DS4 mobo instead of DQ6 but i dont want to order a computer i wont be totally satisfied with. Thats why I in the last sec desided for the Raptor.

    8GB of ram might be a litle more then i need, havn't made up my mind yet...
  3. How much are you looking to spend?
  4. The named setup with a 3000kr (310euro) monitor, 8GB ram, razer mouse and random keyboard will land on 17000kr (1759euro) so i guess thats what i'l spend.
  5. You won't need 8gigs of ram. Unless you are doing really really heavy editing of sorts. 4 gigs will be fine.

    Also - go with the visiontek 4870 - lifetime warranty.

    A 3gig/s Sata caviar is just about as fast as a Raptor, and if you are gaming you won't notice that much of a difference other than how fast your OS loads up and maybe maps.

    If you want to OC - go with teh q6600 and save some $ - they OC much better anyhow.
  6. YOUR COOLER!!!!!
    Go to NewEgg and look at it's reviews. Mediocre at best. It only has 3
    heatpipes. Check out the Thermalright cooler reviews at NewEgg. They
    have the Ultra120 (4 heatpipes), not the Ultra120 Extreme (6 heatpipes),
    which is probably the best air cooler. I saw one online for 50$ today
  7. I'll have to agree with some of these posts. If you plan to OC, unless you'll only be doing it mildly, you should either step up to an extreme edition, or the Q6700, which, I think, is a better choice than the Q6600. The Q6700 has a higher multiplier. If you're doing editing or only mild overclocking, the Q9450 is the way to go.
    For the case, I don't know if the Xigmatek S1283 will fit, you'll have to do some research, but that's the cooler to get. It's a clone of the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme, and performs about as well for half the price. The OCZ Vendetta is slightly better, but way more expensive. Don't trust NewEgg reviews, half the people don't know what they're talking about.
    If you want a midtower that will fit the S1283 or any of the TRUE clones, I'd reccomend the Cooler Master RC-690. It has more features than the Antec 900, and it's cheaper. I like it a lot better.
    Go with the Visiontek, it's cheaper and has a better warranty.
    Your mobo is fine, especially if you plan to get another 4870 later and CF.
    PSU is fine also, plenty of power for OC'ing.
    I would also reccomend stepping down from 8 gigs. If you still have money left over after everything else, you might consider getting higher clocked ram, whatever the highest standard your mobo can handle is.
    For hard drives, I'd reccomend the WD 6400AAKS. It's the fastest high capacity drive, has a good warranty, and I've always had good luck with them. They get better ratings than the raptors and are almost as fast.
    If you're getting the Samsung for the higher cache, don't. It is not noticeable at all. It helps slightly in some benchmarks, but nothing practical, and even then, it's only by a little bit.
  8. Ok you got me, 8gb of ram is too much. And i can allways get the extra 4 later. About the CPU, the q6600 and the q9450 seem to be the best for OC, and since il only do a litle the q9450 will last the longest.

    I dont seem to find the Cooler Master RC-690 anywere in sweden, so unless u think i can't fit in the Antec 900 i will stay with it.

    Why i picked the Vendetta2 is mostly because of 2 reviews on were thay test the Vendetta2 vs s1293 vs TRUE
    s1293 and V2 is almost the same price and the V2 won that review.

    The Samsung F1 did have good stats on the hard drive chart on but if u tell me the WD 9400AAKS is better i have no problems changing.
    And i know the raptors isnt the priciest way to go but i just like thought of vista running fast as hell...
  9. Donuts - 6600 imo opinion is better for overclocking than a 6700 in the idea that it's more bang for buck. A 10x vs. a 9x multiplier may make a slight difference in the vcore but it was my understanding it was very minimal.

    Thoughts -

    Swem8 - setup is starting to sound real solid. I find it helpful to look at videos on Youtube with people with the same case and see what coolers etc. they could fit in their case and MoBo and compare measurements.
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