will my gtx 260 fit in a Antec Nine Hundred ATX Mid Tower

hey i just bought a gtx 260. Do you guys know if this card will fit a Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case? dimensions are 19.4'' x 8.1'' x 18.4'' (L x W x H).

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  1. most probably
  2. Quote from a newegg reviewer about the eVGA GTX 260:


    Pros: FAST, FAST, FAST!. This thing is BEEFY! I love it. Great card for someone not looking to spend more for a GTX280. With my build and OC'ing I wont have trouble with a game for at least 2 years. Amazing Card.
    The specs, say 602 MHz for the core clock and 2052 MHz for the mem speed. Got my card and it was clocked at 626MHz Core Clock and 2100 MHz mem speed. Nice job EVGA givin me the good one!

    Instantly overclocked it to 663Mhz, working swell. Not more than 50 degrees celcius

    Cons: I have doubts about any rebate but thats not really a CON. I dont think the size is a CON i have a antec 900 and it fit fine. You just have to know cable management and placement. Everything fit like a charm, and still room for SLi

    Other Thoughts: Q6700 Quad @ 3.2GHz! :) EVGA 780i F T W Edition, 4gb OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2 800, Rosewill 850w, EVGA GTX260 SC, Antec 900, Zalman 9700NT.

    15k 3dmarks, lovely
  3. It will. I have a 280 in my 900 case, fits perfectly.
  4. i have the 900 and my 9800 gtx+ fits with plenty of room to spare. All you'll need to do is remove the spare fan holder that sits behind the drive cage
  5. thanks a lot for your help guys
  6. will fit. =]
  7. Bringing this back from the dead, just bout the new Dell Studio XPS with the I7 processor, anyone know if the 260 fits that, it shows it can fit a ATI 4850, which is about 2in shorter, case dimensions: 14.2 height x 6.7 width x 17.1 depth
  8. no idea, if you wanted to upgrade the graphics, 1: you shouldn't have built a dell, 2: you wasted the money on the overpriced 4850 that came with it

    i mean seriously, just built it yourself, you will be able to oc, much cheaper from the start and no bloatware ><
  9. sorry to break your heart sweetheart, but this dell, if you do your research is out performing a lot of your hard earned custom builds priced at $3500+... not to mention I already have a few custom builds of my own... I only spent 950 on the dell, the graphics upgrade will just be a fun upgrade for me, not a requirement. And if you would read(if you have the mental capacity) you would see that I clearly state that it "can fit" a 4850, I bought it with the base model graphics card. Thanks :)
  10. gkoster said:
    Hi, Im new to the forums and would like some advice but first im going to act like a total dick
  11. It's okay, I clearly learned that a bunch of Douche's troll these forums, I found more insightful help elsewhere. Good luck providing useless garbage answers in the future.
  12. Bye! We'll miss you... :cry: :cry:
  13. :lol: that guy must be pretty cool cause he uses his capitals and apostrophe's...

    does he know ****? woud Dell really LOSE like $2500 on a computer they built? i think not, ****.
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