I think I reached my max OC, Second opinion pls?

Hey everyone! I just joined the community and this is my first thread. At the start of this year, I built my first computer. I picked out all my parts and did my research. I am a gamer, but after I got everything setup, I wanted to OC and benchmark my system. I have been trying to stretch my Processor as far as it can go, but I would like a second opinion if anyone has any suggestions to help me boost it up a little more. My rig is as follows:

Antec 1200
AMD 64 X2 9950 Kuma 2.7 BE
Asrock k10n780SLIX3-Wifi Mobo
4g Kingston hyper X (1066)
Rosewill Z3 CPU cooler
EVGA GTX 260 (192)
Rosewill 650w PSU
Segate Barracuda 500gb HD

I have found a happy OC for my GPU. But now I am trying to OC the CPU and its not performing as well as I had hoped. I have read articles of people with the same Mobo and CPU combo as me achieving a stable 3.3ghz. Some with the stock freq and voltage! I have hit the 3.1ghz wall. No matter how much finesse I use, I cant get her to run stable above 3.107ghz.

Highest Stable Stats

Multi: 14.5
CPU Freq: 214
Vcore: 1.375
NB: 1.32 (default)

I ran it through 3dMark Vantage without a hitch. (Score: 11,709)

I am not quite sure how the NB voltage effects its stability. But I have tried countless variations with the multi, freq, and vcore, but only to get the BSOD. Even with an unstable clock, my CPU temps don't get above 42c (before crash). Everything else stays cold as well.

I have maxed out my troubleshooting skills and I would love some input on maybe achieving 3.2ghz stable just for benchmarking purposes.

PS. CPU max voltage is 1.55v.

Thank you all in advance!
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  1. Correction *7750
  2. I have the same board you are using..... When I built my PC about 4 months ago I had a Kuma 7750 installed as well.....

    First off the highest overclock I got with the 7750 was 3.345Ghz and it was unstable.... 3.254Ghz was stable but ran a lil hot so i settled for 3.1Ghz @ 1.35v...

    The 7750's are just faulty Agena chips that were set to run as dual cores, so dont expect to get more than 3.2Ghz w/o crashing.....

    If you need more speed get a 550 or 720 and you will have more headroom for overclocking..... hope this helps......
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