[SOLVED]Neweg and hard drives

I was surprised to receive a bare drive from Newegg packed only in bubble wrap, surrounded by peanuts.

No electrostatic protection for the drive.

Should I return the drive to Newegg?
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  1. Not unless it doesn't work.
  2. How can I tell?
    Electrostatic damage is not necessarily visible, and may not occur right away.
  3. If the drive runs fine, and isn't spitting out errors, odds are it was completely undamaged. They're actually pretty resistant to ESD.
  4. Every hard drive I have gotten from Newegg has worked just fine. I only get the OEM drives, in bubble wrap packed in peanuts. No problems at all. You're fine with the drive.
  5. I've had the same experience. No problems with it wrapped in bubble-wrap and in a box of peanuts.
  6. Bubble wrap > Styrofoam peanuts by a mile! I've ordered several OEM drives from the Egg with no problems... with several breaking the 3 year mark and still going strong.
  7. Dag nab it!
    False alarm!

    I just cracked open the bubble wrap, there is indeed a transparent ESD bag.

    Oh well, i'm having a brain MRI on Friday, so we'll see how many brain cells I have left.
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