In stalling OS on External Hard disk

how can i install on my external hard disk?
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  1. Easilly. I've googled it for you:

    It depends on what OS you want to install, and what external drive you are using - USB or SATA.
  2. Why do you want to do this?

    I do believe it is possible, but if over USB, your performance might be pretty painful. If you're doing it over eSATA, then it would probably be a much better experience.
  3. thank u for ur help guys. the thing is i have installed window 7 on my hp probook 4510s laptop and i want to install windows server 2003 in USB hard disk. so, is it possible to do that if i only configure the boise to boot from USB HDD?
  4. Well there is two things:
    1) Yes, it is possible. There is Microsoft application to create Live CD/USB. You need to install drivers, to system recognized your external drive as Storage MAS USB.
    2) Performance will be awful.
  5. As stated - performance would be terrible, unless you're doing it in cached mode with VMware workstation, it runs fine from a flash drive/external HDD.

    If you want to run two OSs, I'd suggest using some sort of VM solution (VM player is free, VirtualBox, etc).
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