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I bought graphics card ATI Radeon 9550 and ive got MB MSI MS 6533 and when I put the card in I get the black screen nothing comes on, my old card is ATI Radeon 7500 and Ive got 512Mb RAM anyone know whats the problem pls?
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  1. I checked my BIOS settings and spoke to ppl who sold me the card and they dont have a clue whats the problem is , the card should work ,its AGP 256 ATI Radeon 9550 and when I put it in my motherboard I get black screen, nothing comes on but the fun and light on the card work so any idea whats the problem guys pls?
  2. Hi stanleyz80, welcome to the forum.
    Is the card second hand ? If so it could well be a bad card :(
    The other option is the powersupply isnt quite up to running it but i dont know enough about the two cards to say for sure.

  3. Hi
    Thank you for your reply and the card is brand new and ppl who sold it said they dont know whats going on till they test is so I just gonna take it to them tomorrow and find out whats going on with it, thx guys anyway,take care!
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