GF7100PVT motherboard....I'm a noob who needs help overclocking

Hello people...I have a crap motherboard (ECS GF7100PVT with an E5200 processor, 4GB of RAM) that I'm playing around with before I start my I7 build...I pretty much know that the board is difficult to do anything with. The bios only allows the FSB to be set to 533, 800, 1066, and 1333 but it is already unstable increasing it to 1066. I read that clockgen and setfsb can increase the FSB while in Windows BUT for some reason, ClockGen doesn't display the sliders for me to increase the FSB and setfsb doesn't work. Is it the board that I'm still fighting with or am I doing something wrong. I really don't want to buy another board if it isn't my I7 board. Any suggestions. Or maybe another program that can do it while I'm in windows maybe...
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  1. Yeah, that motherboard does not have very many options for overclocking.

    Try the following.
    In the BIOS:

    Manually set the RAM timings under the 'Advanced Chipset Setup' section.
    Manually set the RAM Frequency and Voltage along with the FSB to 1066Mhz under the 'Frequency/Voltage Control' section.
    Make sure and disable any unused peripherals (onboard sound, video, LAN, etc.).

    Unfortunately this is about all you can do for overclocking.
    With luck, once your RAM is manually set, your E5200 will be stable at it's VID and a 266Mhz FSB.
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