Can someone help pls?

can someone help me pls with that graphics c
ard issue pls?
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  1. ...You could a little more information then whatever you just wrote.
  2. I guess he's talking about this thread

    There's lots of reasons why a card might give you a black screen. Is it showing anything at all when you start the computer? Does the computer beep at all when you turn it on? What kind of power supply do you have? Is the card new or used?
  3. Hello Copasetic
    card is brand new its ATI Radeon 9550 and motherboard MSI MS 6533 ,512Mb RAM P4 2.5Gb and when put this card in get black screen pc starts but nothibng on screen and card works too lol it6s weird
  4. the pc doesnt bip at all btw and they said in the shop it will work with my motherboard, but it doesnt.
  5. you have checked all your connections and made certain that the card is firmly seated???
    then do you have a buddy in whose box you can test that card or take it back to "the shop" and have them test it..
    you need to know for certain what is what and cannot do that without independent [or another] system to test it in..:>)
  6. ..."and card works too lol it6s weird "

    ...and you know this how? l0ll3rskat3s
  7. the fun on card works and its flashing blue so im quessing it works dont know w2hats the problem is tho thats why im asking you guys, yes can check in a shop 2morrow where i bought it thx for all ur help.
    take care
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