OK to make system32 hidden?

Is it ok to make system32 a hidden folder? Are there any consequences to this? If you're wondering why I'm wanting to do this it's mainly to hide the folder so that folks at work can't reverse the changes I made to the system32/drivers/etc/hosts file in an effort to block facebook and all its "back door" links/sites. Thanks
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  1. Yes. It is a hidden folder by default in the typical XP installation. If your people are smart enough to figure out the OS, you might want to make the:
    hidden, too.
  2. if u have a normal phone, with access to internet, u shud b able to access facebook and othr sites? rather than mess up the system32 files.. just by makin it hidden, the system admin can clearly overide it and revert it bak to the way they want.

    or if u really want it up, u can keep it hidden, and also use folder lock or sum security software that will prevent others from gainin access to that folder. this way no one can edit the files cept u :)
  3. I just hid the "etc" file.
  4. eroc263 said:
    I just hid the "etc" file.

    Anyone with enough knowledge to edit the hosts file will soon get round that. Wouldn't it be better to set permissions on that file so they can't write to it?
  5. This type of change should be made at the firewall / proxy server not the computers.
  6. i guess it is ok. BUT like rmt098, why dont you just get some type of folder security so no one can access it or play around with your files. it would be much easier to just download a software for that.
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