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can I replace a brand name pc mainboard for a generic mainboard ? let's say replace a dell or Hp dead mainboard with an generic , asus , gigabit ,etc ? or I will have some compatubility problems with hardware and software
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  1. First let me say that you got that backwards. The mobos in the HP, Dell etc. are really "generic" not the other way around. They are OEM mobos made by companies that also make name brand mobos but they are made specifically for the company and would be considered generic. The mobos sold by the mobo companies directly and carry their "name brand" would be the name brand mobo.

    That said, yes you can swap a generic OEM mobo for a name brand mobo. There shouldn't be any problems, assuming it's not a 10 year old PC. Dell went through a period when they intentionally mis-wired their power supplies so that people would be forced to replace them with overpriced Dell PSUs. If you bought an aftermarket PSU and plugged it in, then it would fry your whole system. Nice aye?

    So you should check on a case by case basis, but you shouldn't have any problem. You will however need a new copy of the operating system, because those are specifically designed for the original OEM mobo.

    You also might have issues with the mobo fitting properly in the case e.g., standoff locations and rear I/O shield clearance.

    You also need to make sure that the new mobo has the necessary number of appropriate connections for the other components e.g., SATA, IDE etc., and will take the CPU and RAM from the old mobo.
  2. so my best net is to get a replacement MOBO exactly same brand and model ?
  3. sorry . .best bet
  4. It can be done.
    Often it is best to start from a fresh format.
    Stay away from Asus, I have had less trouble with DFI over the last year.
    If you do not have OS media your life has just become very complicated.
    The best thing to do would be to buy a copy of I guess xp
    One solution is to google "xp pro vlk world without gates"
    If when you swap Mb's and if it does boot, boot to safe mode and remove all drivers for the old board and parts so you can start from scratch with driver detection. If it works from there you might be ok. Often it will work for a while but start to have problems over a short time period.
    Then you will be back at the fresh install. if you have things that you wish to save before you go and start messing with the os, try one of the linux boot cd's and get the info off the machine first.
  5. ronaldsax said:
    so my best net is to get a replacement MOBO exactly same brand and model ?

    No, that's not exactly what I said. Give me a link to your PC model and tell me exactly what happened and I'll try to give you a hand.
  6. it's a dell dimension 2400
  7. yes
  8. That's a socket 478 with an 845GV chipset and DDR RAM. It's going to be hard to find cheap. I did a search and they are asking ridiculous prices for what is, by today's standards, considered junk.

    If you can find a new 478 with DDR and integrated graphics real cheap like $50-$60 and you have no cash for a new system it may be worth it to try. If you damaged the mobo how do you know you didn't damage something else, even the CPU?

    My advice would be to save your cash and get a cheap PSU, core 2 duo, mobo w/ integrated graphics and DDR2 RAM. You can even pick up a cheap case for $30 to put it in. Reuse the CD and HD. I don't see how they have 2 optical drives and an HD that are all IDE (PATA) when they only have one IDE connector which is a max of 2 channels. the new mobos only have one IDE channel as well because they are trying to phase it out so one HD and one optical. Save more cash and step up to a better mobo and a VGA card etc. etc.

    I don't know what else to tell you.
  9. what about the OS, I'm gonna need a new expensive Xp . . . hmm we are probably talking of about 350 bucks right?
  10. no silly ur talking bout umm 2.3k dollars !


    wow ur lucky my dell has the mobo place on the other side so lets say the video cards fan would be down on your well mines facing up so it touches sum kind of heatsink above it so i can't replace it with a new card well not a 2 slot one..

    let me know how ur issue ends up
  11. ronaldsax said:
    what about the OS, I'm gonna need a new expensive Xp . . . hmm we are probably talking of about 350 bucks right?
    You mean total cost? How much can you come up with?

    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3 English for System Builders 1 Pack CD
    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit English 1pk for System Builders DSP OEI DVD

    OEM copies technically can't be transferred to a new machine, but if your mobo blows up it will work on a new one, unlike the Dell copy. You just may have to call them and let them know and they will give you a new activation code (key). Also no support from MS, but who would bother to call them anyway?
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