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Hello All...

I have a user that opened an .xls and when they clicked to enable the macros it crashed and has not opened right since under his account. Now i did not suspect the file because it was generated by a coworker and is a template of a doc we use all the time (literally have hundreds of the same file but with different job numbers).

Anyway, now I cannot get Excel to open any workbook. I do a run as with my admin account and it opens and works just fine. Once I use his (Power User account) it crashes and will not open, wants to send to MS and restart. I upped him to a local admin and it has the same problem. I thought it was a registry issue therefore, so I ran a registry "fixer", as well as uninstalled Excel(not all of Office) and reinstalled. No luck. Repair...no luck.

Out of ideas. I am thinking to uninstall all of Office and try it again? Anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. Try re-creating his profile... chances are a necessary file in his profile got corrupted and now it's screwing with Excel. Back up anything he might need and blow away his profile and recreate.
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