Intel push pins

If you ruined any Intel Socket 775 push pins, like I did, you can get them cheap here:

This is a store that sells internationally spare parts for Intel, such as original heatsinks, socket covers, brackets, etc.

I hope this saves somebody from trashing their heatsink for bad push pins.
You can replace those loose pins also.
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  1. My compaq presario came with a screw on heatsink made by avc. I even found an upgrade made by avc (open box) at newegg for $7. If you have the knowledge to remove the motherboard to install the heatsink backplate, I suggest you make the switch to the screw on type, since you've already ruined one of the push pin designs. Several manufacturer's make the screw on design.
  2. Thanks. I have one of those I'd like to re-use, but the pins were mangled.

    Incidentally, I've had no problems with the pushpin mounting, but then I've always made sure they were securely clicked, and I don't move my systems around a lot. I am not at all suggesting that SupremeLaw and others are wrong, but I suspect the problem isn't as bad as it's been made to sound.
  3. Just my experience with plastic parts for mounting, just doesn't last long. They become brittle and just break. I even had to replace my P4 retention bracket once, since I use the 7700 Zalman on it. :sweat:

    The 4 pin setup will work, but for how long, and how often you provide maintenance in cleaning it is perhaps what will determine when you might have ta replace the plastic pins.

    Nothing like spending 3 bucks on plastic though. :lol:. o O (dats almost 1 gallon of gas)
  4. This is Supreme Law's warning and solution:
  5. If anyone has experience using this on non Thermalright heatsinks, please post your experience:

    LGA775 Bolt-Thru-Kit with Screws & Springs
  6. I hate those push pins how come Intel came with such a bad idea to use oush-pins to secure the CPU cooling.
    The one on the P4 was better that one can fall down and also you can't be sure if all the pins are locked correctly.
    I just hope they will change that on the Nehalem CPU cooling.

    Its a waste of moeny to buy another Intel heatsink better go for a third party one which provide more secure solutions like screws which will keep the cooling in place.
  7. Hi,
    We are from malaysia, we got selling Intel heatsink pushpin cost USD1.00 per pcs. for more information please contact:
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