P5KC won't boot to Windows after HD is put in


CPU - E8400 3GHZ Wolfdale
Ram - GeIL 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400C4 800MHZ
VGA - ATI HD 4850 512MB
Motherboard: - P5KC

I've followed a lot of instructions to help build my PC for the last week or so but there hasn't been a topic on this type of problem yet. The computer boots up sometimes (by sometimes I mean there is usually a 1 out of 3 chance that it does) and without a hard drive it will allow me to change BIOS settings but after that nothing else happens because I don't have a HD in to boot up windows. When I put a HD that has Windows XP on it the computer POSTs but displays a black screen with a flashing cursor, no BIOS screen or anything simply the black screen. If I take out the HD I am forced to clear CMOS for it to boot. I've also tried using a DVD Drive and that does the same thing too. I tried using a IDE and SATA HD with Windows XP and they both display the black screen, the DVD I tried was also SATA and that didn't work either.

Another problem I have is that my RAM timings are different to what they should be. They should be like this: 4-4-4-12.

But instead they are like this: 5-5-5-15

I'm not to sure what to do there. I don't know what is the problem with this motherboard, I updated my BIOS because my E8400 required it and even before that I still haven't booted to Windows yet. I don't know if one of my components are broken (It can't be the VGA card though, that's been tried and tested on another computer) as they are all brand new, could it be the CPU is faulty?
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  1. Bootable devices set correctly in the BIOS.
    Boot order of bootable devices set correctly in the BIOS.

    And lastly, you cannot simply put a hard drive with a previous Windows installation into a new machine, you are going to have problems.
    You do know that the Windows installation will be configured for another motherboard, processor, chipset, SATA drivers, etc.....pretty much EVERYTHING will be wrong with the Windows installation for your new build....right?

    The correct method is to boot to the Windows install CD or DVD, and do a fresh installation of Windows.

    After you get Windows up and running, then you can go into the BIOS and manually set the memory timings to what they should be. Don't mess with them until you get that accomplished.
  2. That's my problem though, putting in my DVD Drive or HD makes my computer produce a black screen with a flashing cursor or freeze at the BIOS screen and that is when it wants to boot, I've got to clear CMOS to get it to boot once out of atleast three tries.
  3. Can you set the SATA controller to emulated or native IDE mode?
  4. It's configured as IDE if that is what you mean...
  5. I had a similar problem on a machine I built. It would only boot about 1 in 3 times. After weeks of investigation, it turned out I'd installed one of the motherboard mounts in the wrong hole so it was causing an intermittant short circuit.....
  6. I'm pretty sure I don't have that problem, I'll check to be sure though.
  7. I guess it's time to go back to the drawing board.
    Remove the motherboard from the case, lay it on a flat peice of cardboard beside the case, hook up the power, and with just the CPU, 1 stick of memory the video card and monitor hooked up, start there and see what happens. If it POSTS correctly with no problems, then remount the board, taking extra care that you use correct number and location of standoffs and screw holes, if it POSTS correctly again after mounting, start adding 1 thing at a time.
  8. If it does not post correctly outside of the case with only the CPU, video card and memory, then you may just have a faulty board. CPU's are very, very, seldom bad.
  9. Alright, it posts without anything in it but the second I add power to something it doesn't power instantly, I've got to clear CMOS and hope that it'll post and when it does it doesn't boot that drive.

    I think it's my PSU now. I have an Antec 500W Earthwatts PSU, I've seen systems like this before though and they've managed to work like this.
  10. Could very well be, do you have another PSU to test with? Let us know on this one, strange indeed.
  11. I don't have another PSU to test with, atleast not one that is strong enough to handle the HD 4850 and E8400.
  12. Ok, I've tried it with a weaker graphics card (X1650 XT) and still no POST, very unsure about what to do, any help would be great right about now.
  13. Someone please help, I'm not sure what to do, I've tried all suggestions here and I'm confused now. Any suggestion at this point will be very very helpful.
  14. I am having the same problems with this motherboard it only boots every now and then, and sometimes when it does eventually boot it will come up with the windows blue death screen saying cant find windows files and when i reboot it wont even detect the hdd so i keep having to reset the cmos.

    Mayb bad motherboard may have to change to a p5ke???
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