New Built P5Q Deluxe failure to launch!!Help

Hello everyone,

First timer on this site with a first time build on my desk.

P5Q Deluxe
Q9550 Quad core
4x2 ocz reaper 800
2 seagate bareracuda 320 gig
asus en9600GT silent Vcool Video card
PSU Power cooling silencer 750 watt

The assembly went smoothly, easier than expected... Plugged the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power.
pushed the power button all 2 chassis fans going and cpu fan full speed ahead and the system beeped once then twice the the screen come on. I pressed delete and was facing the Bios setup. Then I was interrupted and couldn't continue , Shut down the system.

Anxious to work on it, I started it up a second time, at the bios setup I was interupted again! :ange:

5 am next day I power the system up. The cpu fan runs at half speed, no beeps, and nothing showing up on the screen. :o

I would tend to think there's a problem with the mother board seeing that it didn't start the same way as the first two times and
the cpu fan never got past half speed... where should I start.

Thanks for any clues
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  1. I'd clear the CMOS and try again.
  2. I took out 2 of the 4 memory Sticks and rebooted and my build works again. Now I'm installing the OS and will get back to the 2 sticks and test the Faulty ones.
  3. Remember that just because a system boots doesn't mean there aren't memory errors. Run memtest86+ O/N to make sure there are no memory errors before going ahead and installing the OS, as otherwise you're likely to get progressive corruption of the OS files.
  4. Is there a place I can download the memtest software from?
  5. OK here's an update

    The RAM is Good I, installed all my Apps and updated All drivers, Im using xp pro sp2 I updated xp to the latest sp3. Then no usb port working except for the mouse and key board. I rolled back to sp2, rebooted and got the usb ports to function again. The system crashed through installations and using a variety of different programs. Now i'm trying to resolve this.
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