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I'm currently replacing an AGP 4x Card in a friends PC. I'd like to keep the price around $40 for the card. It must have a VGA port on it. An extra DVI port would be nice to have, but is not a must. He's basically using the graphics card for watching movies and maybe some basic gaming like poker and online gambling/slots. The best I've found so far is:

HIS Hightech H955H256-1TOAN Radeon 9550 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card

If anyone has any other suggestion's on cards and prices, please let me know (suggestion's. prices and links are welcome).

Also, how good are the following brand names:





Diamond Multimedia


BFG Technologies






I've always trusted BFG, XFX and EVGA. How well do the brand names above rank. Please list any experiences you've had with these brand names. I often wondered about SAPPHIRE and MSI as well as any of the others listed. Pro's and Con's of each are welcome.

Thanks for any help and/or story submitted.
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  1. Watch out for cards that overheat. Those are old cards but the heatsink is fanless and theres alot of complaints on overheating.
  2. Thanks the help. Can anyone give any general info on the brand names? Whats good/bad and if their trustworthy to use/worth buying?


  3. i got a palit 7600GS sonic AGP 8x and it overclocked 50%. idk if its just a freak accident or something lol but wow... highly recommended. i also got a FX5200 with no fan on it and its....BAD
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