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  1. I have Windows 7 Professional x64 bit version. At the beginning when I turn on my computer, I have about 140gb of free space. After 4 hours, I get a warning message saying that I have no disk space available. Can someone tell me whats going on here? I never had this problem before.
  2. Have you done a virus/spyware scan?

    How about a checkdisk (or whatever the Win 7 equivalent is).

    If you reboot, do you get the space back?
  3. I am having the same problem. I can watch my free space disappear before my eyes. No files seem to be growing (did directory analysis). When i reboot, the disk space is back, but immediately starts disappearing again.

    I fixed this once by doing a minimal boot and slowly adding back the start-up apps/services until it started happening again, trying to find the culprit. But i eventually added all my start-up items back, and it stopped happening. So, i fixed it without knowing what the problem was, or really changing anything.

    Well, it just started happening again. I haven't found any solutions on the internet, yet.
  4. Did a virus scan the first time, and doing one now. Nothing showed up the first time.
  5. use space monger (free version) to find out whats eating up your space. Then google that file and see what it's problem is. On a vista machine I worked on, it was some built in backup thing that was eating up space.
  6. thanks. that's what i did, and found that pc tools had a log file with no space limit. a new version of the program now works.
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