9800gtx vs 9800gtx+?

hey i was wondering what is the difference between the 9800gtx and the 9800gtx+ also i was wondering if they are different then is it possible to sli the gtx and gtx+ together?
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  1. The GTX+ is on a 55nm architecture, the GTX is 65. It is not possible to SLI them.
  2. damn that really sucks i cant even find the GTX any more they only have GTX+ now do you know if the GTX+ is faster or not?
  3. i believe the GTX+ is about 5-7% faster
  4. I heard you could SLI them but the GTX+ has to be the primary card.
  5. Actually you can SLI them. I'm currently doing it with success. My 9800GTX is the primary and my 9800GTX+ is the secondary. My drivers came up funky for a few restarts but for some reason XP went "Oh wait. Sorry, bud, I see the card isn't an 8800, my bad." My bridge was positioned wrong which probably had something to do with why my drivers came up weird after installing the second card.
  6. Exactly the same experience here. Asus 9800GTX SLI'd with Asus 9800GTX+, working great! ... 'plus' card registered as 8800GT for the first couple of boots. Reloaded nForce drivers and checked SLI bridge to get 'found new hardware' notice ... nTune shows cards running at a clock frequency of 740Mhz (which is the 'plus' speed).
  7. Got a 9800 gtx and a gtx+ SLI'd with really no issues. As long as the GPU series is the same they are technically capable of doing SLI.

    Please don't post information that is not factual please.
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