ATI Radeon hd4850 with M2N-SLI Deluxe

I'm planning to buy ATI Radeon hd4850...but not sure compatible with the motherboard "Asus- M2N-SLI DELUXE". I got Geforce 7600Gs but burst 2 days ago.

By the way, how much power need with this card? I only got 320pw on PSU.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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  1. yes it should work on ur Nvidia chipset.

    On ther other hand If ur planning on going in Crossfire mode then it won't work. u will need Nvidia video cards

    I would recomend to get a 600w powersupply

    i own that power supply had no trouble so far
  2. Hi inetmg,

    @ juvealert,
    2 Nvidia cards for CROSSFIRE on a NVIDIA chipset :lol: :lol: Im guessing you knew what you meant and it came out wrong ?

    Back to inetmg,
    The card will run fine on that MoBo but as juvealert tried to say you would not then be able to add another card on your MoBo as its not compatable with Crossfire, which is the ATI dual card standard. If you did plan to run two cards in future you need to get an Nvidia card to be able to use SLI at a later date, SLI is Nvidia's dual card standard.

    I would think your power supply may be a bit on the weak side for that card. Can you tell us teh make and model ? Or do you know how many Amps or Watts it has dedicated to the +12V rail ?

  3. Thanks...everyone for quick response...
    Yeah, I decide to buy Geforce 8800GT today....and search new PSU to replace with the old one.
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