can any1 expalin to me^_^

hi.. i got this Video card inno3d 8500Gt 512MB and this moBO hybrid SLi XFX 8200... everytime i enable the hybrid i only get low setting for crysis while disabling my hybrid and i use the 8200 video card in my mobo i got med setting for auto detect? can u guys explain to what is happening? thnx... new here i furom.. seeking for ansmwer for the whole 2 days... thnx
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  1. The onboard gcard is dragging down the performance of the discrete card.

    It is to be expected. SLI basically boils down to this. One card processes half of the frame (screen). The other card does the other half of the frame.

    These 2 half frames are then synchronised and displayed.

    Here you have 1 fast card, 1 slow card.

    The fast card finishes its half of the frame and waits for the other card to finish its half. You are limited to 2x the speed of the slowest card.

    In this case your discreet card is more than 2x as fast as the slower card. So using the SLI is not worth it. If you had bought an 8200 discrete you would have possibly doubled the performance of the integrated card.

    To be honest these hybrid SLI rigs can be useful for older games on the cheap, but if you are looking to play crysis you simply can't really use an integrated card.
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