E8500 + SLI ~ which MB to get?

I've been rattling my brain all day long trying to figure out which motherboard to get for a system that has an E8500 processor, SLI support, DDR2 800 or 1066, and manageable overclocking abilities.

Could anyone suggest one or maybe help me find what chipsets I should be looking for?

Thank you~
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  1. Also: was looking at the ROG boards, but it seems most of the better boards aside from the Striker II Extreme are mostly for a Crossfire configuration. :pt1cable:
  2. p5n-d has ddr2 800 with 16x sli, but fitting 2 dual slots is difficult on that thing so 9800gt sli is best bet.
  3. hmmm... that could work out. I already have an 8800 GT to stick on it. And it's single slot.

    How about the EVGA 132-YW-E178-A1? Looking for reviews at this moment.
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