Caviar Black 640 GB Cable Question

Ok, so I am past the "purchase parts" phase of my first build, but have run into a question I am not so sure about. My mother Board, the Asus M4A79XTD, which can be seen here...

Came with 4 SATA connectors, which I am pretty sure will by ok for my optical drive, but does anyone know if these cables support the full 3.0 transfer rates of the Caviar, or do I need to buy better cables?
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    Any standard SATA cable will be fine. Anyone trying to sell "cable upgrades" is simply trying to make an easy buck off gullible consumers.
  2. Yep. SATA cables are SATA cables. 1.5, 3.0 and 6.0 GB/s transfer speeds are independent of the SATA cable.

    At least the SATA cable hysteria isn't as bad as the HDMI cable hysteria.
  3. Very true (and don't even get me started about speaker cables).
  4. Thanks a lot guys, your saving one consumer at a a time, heheh. Appreciate the answer!

    - C
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