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I have just bourght An XFX GTX280 graphics card. Im about to go and get the book thats suppose to come with it, but i thourght i come to you guys first, as they never gave the book. X(..
Ok the prob is that i cant find where the fan cable from the GPU is to go on my mother board... i have an Gigabyte GA-M750SLI-DS4 and im pretty sure its compatable, 650watt powersupply.

Even with that not being plugged in it should still detect the hardware???

Also is there suppose to be a red light on the back of the card????

Any info on this card would be great coz i reallyu wanna get it working.

Please help if u can
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  1. Fan cable from GPU to Motherboard??

    The fan cable sits and stays on the graphics card. You need only connect the power to the card after putting the card into the appropiate PCIx slot.
  2. Yeah i thourght it was weird to, its a 2 prong connector from just next to where you connect the 2 power cords from the power supply? if its not the fan then whats if for?
  3. Hi muzza31,
    Are you by any chance refering to the SPDIF cable that plugs in next to the power leads?
    Its for passing through audio to the graphics board so that it can be output via HDMI if you so wish.

  4. Ah crossed posts i see that it is what you are talking about :)

  5. THank you Mactronix thats what i was after, but it im still after the anwser to my question that is this card even compatble with my motherboard? As it wont even detect that its plugged in?
  6. May seem like a silly question, but have you plugged the 6pin and 8 pin power cables from your power supply into the card?
  7. Yeah it's definitely compatible with your motherboard, you just need to make sure it's getting full power. I have heard some issues with graphics cards when using that motherboard, but all of those complaints had to deal with artifacting issues.
  8. ok well i think i have the issue but still unsure, the power supply i have doesnt have a 8 pin power connecter, only two 6's. But it says in the install manual that two 6's is okay???
  9. You will need to have both the 6 pin and 8 pin plug installed for your card to boot.
    Double check your packaging as you should have an assortment of adaptors like this.

    The second from the right is what you need.
    Plug 2x 6 pin PCIe power plugs in and it gives you 1x PCIe 8 pin out.
    If you do not have another 6 pin connector from your PSU, use the adaptor third from the right.
    2x MOLEX to a single 6 pin connector.
    Worst case, get something like This to hold you over.
  10. Or maybe its just a faulty card, im about to get it tested, so we'll see how it goes.
  11. If you do not have both the 8 pin and 6 pin power connectors plugged in, your GPU will not receive enough power and you will get no display.
    Check for the adaptors and give your card the power it needs before you give up on it.
  12. Wow thats some great info Outlw, now im pissed they didnt give me all that stuff.... Grrrrrr
    Thanks heaps
    Ill let you know how it goes after im done screaming at them XD
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