e6750 to q6600 or q9550

i have an e6750 running at 3.2 for the past year with no problems coupled with a 4870. but the recent price drops of the quads has piqued my interest. would it be worth it to jump up to a q6600 or even a 9550? or should i wait for the i7s in a few years? i mostly game and am thinking about the requirements/optimization of games like Fallout and FC2.

i'm sure this question has already been asked in a variety of ways, but thanks in adavance.
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  1. If I were you id wait till this xmas, your pc should run fine till then. After i7 comes out I expect a very big price drop on current quads (Q6600, Q9550, ect) so just wait. And a e6750 at 3.2 should tackle fallout and fc2 easy, theyre optimisation for quads is probably minor and will make little difference, its all in the GPU.
  2. makes sense. thanks for the reply
  3. If u dont play straregy games and very CPU intensive aps,then stick with your E6750 otherwise go for Q6600(Very cheap) and OC
  4. Is there anything your setup can't handle? I would wait longer before thinking of upgrading.
  5. I was wondering the same thing with my setup and FC2 and Fallout3 on my e6750@ 3.6 and 4850 GPU. I'll try ignore my brain telling me to spend money.
  6. one-shot: it's not easy, is it?
  7. It is very hard, I have a family member that works for Intel so i can get CPU's for pretty cheap. That influences my brain even more. I've been thinking about putting my dual core to rest and getting a quad but not much is optimized right now so there isn't really a point. However, if more apps were multi-threaded I'd have a quad in a second.
  8. Me too wanna buy a Q9550 but I think I gonna wait. The Q6600 is cheap but has to move on to the new Quad core.

    BY how much can be the price drop for the Q9550 which about $320 now?
    Just hope it will be below $300.
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