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I have reformated my hard drive and trying to clean install Windows XP. I am using my OEM XP disk. My problem is that after formating and installation of the necessary boot files, the computer is restarted to continue with the installation. I'm booting from the CD-ROM and it asks if I want to install Windows in partition 1,(which is the only partition available), and I select it. When selected it says that there is already a Windows folder there,(which was created When the start=up files were written to the c drive. I tell it to use this folder and it overwrites the the startup files and then loops back around agin and starts over. The last time that I formatted a hard drive once the intial startup files were written and the computer restarted, then the Windows Logo came and The Windows installation resumed from there. Any suggestions on this problem.
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  1. When it restarts, the CD drive is probably still selected as the first boot device. It'll first attempt to boot off the CD drive. When you see the message to 'press any key,' don't press anything. It'll bypass that message, and skip to the next boot device. As long as the hard drive is listed as another boot device, It'll skip the CD drive, and boot from the hard drive.
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