Vid card fried?

Is this possible?:

I have a ATI x700pro 256mb pci express card. The card is about 2 yrs old. The fan seems to have stopped working on the card too.

But here's the real question:

The pc will boot fine in safe mode. Will boot fine using on board video, and will boot fine if I don't have vid drivers installed for the card. If I boot with drivers installed (have tried several releases of drivers troubleshooting this), the pc will reach the login screen (XP pro btw) and then just reboot itself. Is it possible that the card is fried yet will work without drivers? Wanted to get opinions before I buy a new card.

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  1. Do you get any error mesages when it re-boots with drivers installed ? My thoughts are that the VPU recovery part of the drivers is whats shutting down the PC. Its meant to do this if it cant fix an issue where the card isnt responding to the drivers. Are you sure its the card that is working without the drivers and not the onboard ?
    Either way running the card without a working fan will fry it at some point.

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