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Hello,my son put a usb mem stick/from his xbox to download some update/cheat thing.. in my pc usb/carder reader all in one it didnt read mem stick and has killed my usb ports eg printer (which is pluged in back of machine) usb mouse next to it works but front ports in card reader that i have external drive pluged into is dead wont read my camera cards or other things i plug in that use to work fine what do i do thanks in adavance murray
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    This can be caused by a overvoltage situation, sometimes causes by a static shock or a faulty device.

    Reset your BIOS (unplug PC from power, move the BIOS reset jumper over for about 15 seconds, then back to normal position) see if that helps. If not, try a BIOS update. If that does not work, your motherboard USB ports are fried and you need to either get a USB add-in card or a new motherboard.

    I should add that your son probably did not do anything bad, these things just happen at times, that stick may be perfectly good to use an other times. But you may want to get a new one just incase.
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  3. :D :) thank you by resetting bios has fixed the problem, just had to enter setup on first bootup to reload system defults and reset clock once windows booted ,, you have made my day as for the last couple of weeks i been going mad .. thanks again :hello:
  4. Just go to device manager to check for the driver problem. If anywhere shows unknown device, then update the driver for that.Softwares are available for that to install your driver.
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