External Cooling for GPU boosts OC performance?

Would it be better(result in a cooler OC) to bet one of those GPU with a powerful cooler on it and take up and extra slot due to it or just get one w/ a regular old fan and buy a case fan to cool it?

CARD -- ATI HD 4670 w/ IceQ Cooler
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  1. Any card with a good aftermarket cooler on it will run cooler than a stock one.

    GPUs aren't really limited by temperature for overclocking though, so you can't just drop your temps 30C and then overclock them and raise it 30C again for a way faster card, they just don't overclock very far.
  2. UNless theyr really cold (=
  3. The IceQ cooler should be able to keep that 4670 cool enough, its alot better than the reference design cooler.
  4. ^+1. Also, if you have bad airflow within the case itself no matter what you do you will have pretty bad temps.
  5. 4670 is a pretty slow card anyways, even if overclocked cant get very far, dont waste your money on cooling, the iceq is good enough, if i were you wait till dx11 cards come out
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