"cmd" works but not "/cmd"

when i do a command prompt, it works when i go to start, run,and type in "cmd" by itself. However, if I follow the same exact process but also include a slash such as: "/cmd" then it does not work. I read a few posts saying that if "/cmd" then there is spyware or some sort of virus if the command prompt can work through this way. Is this really true even if the command prompt works fine if i just type in "cmd" without the slash ?? I have no clue
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  1. There is no place in calling for a Command Prompt for a / in front of cmd. If /cmd doesn't work for you, your system is behaving normally. If you have reasons to suspect malware in your system, get rid of all the clutter files by using CCleaner from http://www.piriform.com and ATF Cledaner form http://www.atribune.org and then scan with MalwareBytes from http://www.malwarebytes.com.

    If you still have doubts after running that scan, post the log back here for more advice.
  2. /cmd is not a valid command so it not working is normal. Why would you be worried about something working properly? You can probably type in any number or random things that don't work.

    Don't read too many emails yelling about some strange virus that will kill your sheep and steal your favorite hat if you run it, 99% of them are fake. Good rule of thumb, if you get an email that ends with "send this to 10 of your friends", it's crap and can be deleted.
  3. Have you ever typed command.com Type exit to leave. you should do this from any command prompt to close the program.
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