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I built my system about 4 months back and didn't pay much attention to BIOS setting on my Gigabyte UD4P board. Last week I noticed in BIOS that the Onboard SATA/IDE mode is set to IDE but the HDDs are SATA. But after reading online that OS reinstall is required after changing these values, so i'm planning to reinstall the OS and this is where the next question comes in.

Since I'm reinstalling the OS I thought of putting two extra drives WD Black 640 for OS and WD Black 1 TB for Data (I haven't bought the drives yet). I was thingking of putting OS Drives in RAID 0 config and Data Drives in RAID 1 config. Basically, I want to increase the OS and game performance and make the Data safer. Now this where I want your help.

Since this board has two RAID controllers (Intel ICH10R and Gigabyte) which is the best way to put these Drives in RAID and is it possible to create two RAIDs in Intel chip.

Some of the options I think:

1. OS drives in RAID 0 and Data Drives in RAID 1 on Intel chip (If Intel Chip allows two seperate RAID Arrays)
2. OS drives in RAID 0 on Intel Chip and Data Drives in RAID 1 on Gigabyte Chip (I've heard that Gigabyte RAID is slower and not reliable as Intel)

I would greatly appreciate your help in setting up the right RAID. Thanks in advance.

My System:
Intel Core i7 920
OCZ Platinum 6 GB
Gigabyte UD4P X58
WD Black 640 GB for OS, Programs and Games
WD Black 1 TB for Data
Antec 900 II
Corsair 650 W
Xigmatec Dark Knight
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
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  1. Just use the Intel one don't bother with the gigabyte one unless you have ran out of sata ports. The setup that you have decided on with Raid 0 OS and Raid 1 for Data is a good one.
  2. Thanks for your reply sevenx
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