NZXT apollo or Antec 300?

:hello: which one in your opinion is better? i'll be using my pc for gaming. if you know a better case go ahead and recommend me it.
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  1. Well the NZXT is a much bigger case than the 300 and more expensive, they are sort of different market segments. The NZXT is more a competitor with the CM 690 which I think is better. In general I would also put CM and Antec build quality over the NZXT. I would never buy the NZXT just because I think it is ugly (seen it irl) but between the two I guess it dpends on if you need the extra space or not. If not go with the Antec. Between the three cases I talked about I would always go for the CM 690 though.
  2. ok, looked at the cm 690. now im undecisive between the cm 690 and the NZXT apollo. suggestion/recomendations?
  3. CM 690 for sure. Better cooling, more space; the only thing up for grabs is case styling.
  4. NZXT apollo is a very nice case has decent airflow i would recommend it.
    looks differ from ppl to ppl.
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