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Hey I was wondering what a good after market cooler would be to buy for my 4850. Its running a little hot already and I was thinking about overclocking. thanks
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  1. u could try and increase fan speed.......try this out......if that doesn help u could get any cooler that fits into a 3870.
  2. i already have increased the fan speed. Is there a specific cooler you could recommend?
  3. Accelero rev.2,Auras Fridge and HR-03 GT all manage to cool 4850 very good with a slow\silent fan
  4. thanks for the tips
  5. get the accelero Rev2 from Arctic cooling. It has also a "turbo"module, basically 2 fans that attach to the heatsink.
    Very easy to mount, results are impressive with extremely low noise.
    I have one on my 512 8800GT ... in full load after hours of gaming the GPU core is at 52-54degrees. In idle is at 43..45.
    I cannot emphasize how good, silent and easy to mount this heatsink is.
  6. Haha that cooler is Great. I got one stock on my 9600GT and it keeps it cool for a passive cooler. I also did a little mod to it for OCing where I zip tied an 80-mm fan on it and now I don't go above 38 Degrees C. I have my card set to 770/1800/1900 (Core/Shader/Mem) from stock 650/1625/1800. Like I said Great.
  7. The rev2. EVery time. Its passive and lowers idle temps by 40 degrees (celsius).
  8. wait for the thermalright T-Rad2 , works with x-fire too.
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