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I currently have a MSI p6n, E6420 (not over clocked) EVGA 8800GTS 640, win xpp sp3, 4gig ram (yeah i know it does not recognize it all) I'd like to add another graphics card and blueray dvd player to my machine so i could also use it as my HTPC. I currently already have 2 monitors hooked up with i need for editing so i can't just use a converter on one of my dvi out's. I want the third monitor to be my sony tv which accepts HDMI 1080p in via the receiver. I considered just buying a bluray player, (ps3) but then i would not be able to watch my movies that i already have on pc. I just moved into a new house in which my PC and my TV are now in different rooms. instead of building a separate HTPC i can use a 25 ft DVI->hdmi cable, or HDMI cable. It looks as if i'll also need a card that mates S/PDIF Out to the hdmi. i'm not sure if such a combo exists. I'd be great full for any help offered on this subject.

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  1. Ok, I'm not 100% sure of all this but I'll give it a go. Depending on whether you have two PCI express slots I would maybe buy another pci-e card. Something cheap like an 8600 or a HD 3650. Use that card to run your dual monitors and then use the 8800 you have now for Blu ray playback. If you lack an additional PCI-e slot I think you might be able to get a regular PCI card that has dual monitor support and could run two monitors in which case you could still use your 8800.

    One final solution which you will have to check me on is to get a 9800 X2 that has 4 dvi outs on the back and a converter (dvi->hdmi). If this does work you may not be able to run the dual monitors while you play blu rays. I'm not sure... hope this helps and please check my suggestions.

    One final thing... there may be a card with 3 or 4 dvi outs thats not a dual gpu card/extremely expensive.... I don't know.
  2. ^ for 3 or 4 outputs, you can stick a motherboard compatible with surrondview and stick in any Ati graphics and volia... 3 or 4 outputs... they have something similar over at nvidia but that escapes my mind...

    Anyways that won't work unless you have an AMD machine X(

    Graphics cards have dropped alot! You should just get another of the same card you have already and just Sli it providing you have a power supply capable of it =P. (By same I mean same type ie 8800GT...)
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