Wmm "an unknown error has occurred"

I use windows movie maker for making short educational clips for children living in villages in the Greek mountains of Pindos who can't attend school for long periods in the winter due to heavy snowfall and lack of a road system infrastructure.

3 days ago problems started with wmm without any changes made in the computer I work with.

No matter what I do windows movie maker eventually crashes with "an unknown error has occurred" message.

- I tried XP's system restore.

- I uninstalled and installed numerous codec packages.

- I tried dissabling certain codecs marked as suspicious by in some forums.

Finally I was able to start wmm by running it as another user, but still it neither saves files nor captures from the webcam - always crashing with the same error message mentioned in the beginning of this post, (an unknown error...)

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

God bless you.
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  1. You'll need your XP disc for this.

    Click start-->run-->type %systemroot%\inf and press enter-->find moviemk.inf-->click to install it-->it should prompt you for the XP disc, and reinstall windows movie maker.
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    aford10 said:
    You'll need your XP disc for this.

    Click start-->run-->type %systemroot%\inf and press enter-->find moviemk.inf-->click to install it-->it should prompt you for the XP disc, and reinstall windows movie maker.

    Dear aford10,

    I really do appreciate your intention to help, as this was really great encouragement for me to keep trying on this. Alas, the solution you proposed is one of the many I tried by installing numerous versions of WMM (2.0.3312.0 - 2.1.4026.0 - 2.1.4028.0) obtained by the school's computers by registering manually the various .DLL files in WMM "filters.xml" (many of witch had to be downloaded from various DLL farms) -with-no-luck-whatsoever!

    There's simply not enough space here to describe what I have been through from the morning of 26-12-2010 until this evening (8-12-2010) as I have been trying one solution after the other non-stop -- the villagers become curious with me not leaving school even for a snack all these days, they started asking me whether there was something important I was observing in the web or something ...

    Please excuse my delay in answering your message as my internet access is neither timely nor orderly.

    ---Bottom Line---

    At some point after having tried nearly everything (this is really an understatement) it occurred to me to watch the event reporting console. There was something consistent with COM+ errors but the support in Microsoft always explained these errors as "No information is available for the time being regarding this error" (or something like this). I found a COM+ packets analyzer and started trying to make something out of it.


    I am not really sure how I came to this conclusion, and I really can't describe the process as I am IT illiterate, my efforts were only hit-and-miss - but - I finally SOLVED this.

    I couldn't believe the solution I found - yet there it was and worked. The fact that WMM was partially working when switching to run it as a different user gave me the clue.

    It seems WMM stores all its processes in a temp folder (in XP it save to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp) Which some MS Update had set it as Read only.

    I simply opened a DOS prompt and at "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings" typed "attrib -r Temp" to remove the Read Only attribute (which XP keeps as such even though you uncheck it at folder properties - quite maddening) - the DOS command is the only thing that removes this attribute.

    That simple!!!!!

    WMM started working at once - no questions asked.

    I got suspicious - I turned the Read Only attribute in that Temp folder on --> WMM crashed again on first attempt. I run the DOS command given above --> Miracle!!! WMM again worked like Zeus's lightning!!!!

    After a short wave of elation about beating this bug I started boiling with anger.


    Please excuse the Capital letters above - but these were nearly 10 days of delay that cost TEACHING HOURS for a significant number of students!

    I am feeling very tired, I think I will sleep for 2 days in a row.

    Although I posted in many forums about this situation - NOBODY answered me - You are the only one that CARED about this and this is _very_ important for me.

    For your kind intention to help us - me and all the students - I really wish that all happiness that you ever wanted enters your life permanently my friend.

    Please excuse my awful English, and may God bless you.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get much feedback in your forum searches. Even though my suggestion wasn't any help, I'm glad it gave you some encouragement.

    I'm glad to hear you found a solution. This will certainly help others that have the same problem. Thanks for the update, and best of luck to you!
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