Can i use any fan with this cpu cooler

Can i use any 120mm fan with the prolimatech megahalem or does it have to be a specific rpm range and size? would this fan work with it? Cooler Master 120x25mm Dual Ball Silent Fan - Blue LED
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  1. It should work but it wont have the cooling potential of a faster fan
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    Gotta be the same size for the clips to work. Other than that, you can pick whatever fan you want. Might want to check out some fans from Scythe for fast/quiet ones.
  3. yeah im gonna go with scythe slipstream 1900rpm gonna get 2 of them...should i get a fan controller for when im just surfing the web?
  4. If the noise will bother you, a fan controller would be good. 37 dB is definitely noticeable.

    If you aren't sure, it's quite easy to skip the fan controller for now, see how the noise is, and grab one if you want it quieter.
  5. It's always nice to have a fan controller. You can monitor your temps with HW Monitor and adjust as needed. May I suggest a popular manual controller thats plenty enough for fans. Nothing fancy. I have 3 fans in parellel to two of the channels (for my radiators), one fan for my HD, and two 90mm fans wired together for my NB cooling.

    Cheap and effective and able to handle both fans you bought on one knob. You might find it $1 cheaper somewhere else, the place I listed is a good store and great customer service.
    In fact, if your jumping on the cooling etc bandwagon, here is a list of some great mod stores.

    My latest rig:
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