Wireless internet on my MSI wind netbook

i have my computer hooked up through my cord from my wireless box but i cant get the computer to recognize any wireless networks around including mine. how do i turn on the wireless stuff. i see the light that will come on when it IS on but i cant find how to turn it on
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  1. http://www.msimobile.com/customerservice/qanda.aspx

    Go to this web site if you need help with the MSI netbook. As for finding the wireless, use the "function keys" press the "fn" key and "f11" at the same time.
  2. thank you very much for mentioning that you have to press 'fn' and 'f11' at the same time. At first i thought this wouldn't work as i have been trying to get a network connection for nearly 2 weeks. my netbook told me to get an ethernet cable, which i was told i didnt need by a friend, so i was very confused on what to do to solve the problem. But as soon as i pressed those 2 buttons i instantly got a connection on my msi netbook.
  3. While it's true that you don't need the ethernet cable to connect , it is another way to connect if your having trouble with the wireless adapter.It allows you to connect to make sure that you can connect at all and can be used as a test.
    Good to see that your problem was solved.
  4. i cannot switch on my wireless device
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