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Ok been trying to get Overdrive to work now for a good hour or so...but im not :(

1st (see pic) - It says that my current clock settings is at 500/750 (dont know if its supposed say that no matter what or if its supposed to say my acctual clock setting wich is 650/1100 as you can see)

2nd - as you can see it says that my gpu clock and memory clock is 650/1100 as ive set it to be and the default clock is set to be 625/993 (and again my "current" clock setting is still 500/750?) even tho Overdrive is enabled

3rd - in the sensor tab in GPU-Z as you can see it says that the GPU clock is 500 and the Memory is 750...shouldnt it say 650/1100 ?

overdrive is enabled...ive tested the custom clock and passed

would realy appriciate some help or advice

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  1. Mmmm....I've seen that too. I think it drops to the lower settings when it isn't being stressed, but will reach the overclocked settings when you play a game or run a benchmark. Kind of like Intel's speedstep stuff for CPUs.
  2. Download ATI tool and scan for artifacts, Then you wull see the 650/1100.

    The card has 2 settings 2d and 3d mode. When the card is not in "3D Mode" then the card runs at 500/750.

    This is normal, I think this question will start being ask at least once a week like the Speedstep question.

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