Moving a slave hdd to another computer

This is probably a dumb question for those more knowledgable than I am but I couldn't find a straight answer searching.....

I want to move a Seagate hdd that is being used as a slave in my old computer to my new computer as a slave.

Both computers are running Windows 7.

Will the new computer simply recognize and read the slave or will I have to format it for the new system.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Should read it just fine. It's only boot hard drives that don't play well with new systems.
  2. If you're running Windows and if the files on the drive were personal files that belonged to a particular account, you may be blocked from accessing them on the new system. Even if the new system uses accounts with the same names, the internal security identifiers are unique.

    If this is a problem, the solution is to sign on to the computer using an account with administrator privileges, take ownership of the top-level folder and all subfolders, then change their permissions. The "take ownership" part is the key - you can't change permissions on files/folders that you don't own or have access rights to.
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