can i SLI with this PSU?


i have an antec EARTHWATTS 650w PSU and I want to SLI two 8800GTS, will my PSU be able to handle it?

here is the rest of my system

asus striker ii formula
currently one BFG 8800gts 512mb
4gb ocz pc2-6400 sli-ready ram

i want to buy either an EVGA or XFX 8800gts, the XFX comes with a free copy of COD4 at the moment from newegg :)

i'm not doing any overclocking at the moment (i know this is a waste with a striker ii but i am still learning before i try)
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  1. Well I'm using a Corsair 620HX to run a pair of XFX 8800GT's on a 608i mobo with five HDD's, so yeah you should be OK.
  2. Based on the information you've given, plus a few assumptions on my part, the PSU size calculator at suggests you will only need 431W. Even allowing a 30% cushion, your PSU should be fine.
  3. that's a handy little tool thanks for the link!
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